Samothraki Studios Lakastania

Welcome to Samothraki, the island of mysteries and sensory. Unique sea, forests, riverls, waterfalls and mineral waters will create for you a plesant enviroment you will never forget.

Lakastania Studios are located in Therma, 12km away from the port Kamariwtisa, in the center of the beatifull village of mineral waters. We now have 17 studios having a very natural and different enviroment.

Lakastania Samothraki Studios offers comfortable and pleasant remain in a pleasant family environment for more than 2 decades. Our expertise in providing tourist services is proven through the many groups that people have host through the season and individual customers with whom we quite often keep friendly contact and beyond. Our Studios and Rooms are located in Therma of Samothrace, the village while using mineral waters. We’re Ten minutes from the main port!

What’s different in Samothraki and who’ll like visiting it? In addition to the interesting history, the museum and also the archaelogical site, which is not not even close to the studios, Samothraki is definitely an island that offers unspoiled nature and superior waters. If you are a nature lover, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in Vathres under the waterfalls or simply wander within the alleys, the gorgeous settlements and taste the delicious local fish or kid meat. We feel you’ll have a memorable holiday. Lakastania Samothraki Studios will make sure a wonderful stay in an agreeable, neat and secure environment.

Thanks and now we are searching forward to welcoming you at our studios to Samothraki.

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