By car:
The best way to explore the island is by car so as to visit various places that the public transportation and the organized tours cannot reach.
By bus:
From Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli.
Thessaloniki Bus station tel.: 2310.510.83

From Kavala to Alexandroupoli.
Kavala Bus station tel.: 2510.222.294

By ship:
From Alexandroupoli to Samothraki (Kamariotissa).
Port Authority of Samothraki tel.: 25510.41.305
Port Authority of Alexandroupoli tel.: 25510.26.468

By ferry:
Agios Konstantinos to Samothraki and Alexandroupoli.
Agios Konstantinos agency tel.: 22350.31.950
Port Authority of Agios Konstantinos tel.: 22350.31.759

SAOS Ferries 25510.41.505, 25510.41.411

By train:
Destination: Alexandroupoli

Athens Train station tel.:
Thessaloniki Train station tel.: 2310.515.517
Alexandroupoli Train station tel.: 25510.26.212

By plane:
Through the airport of Alexandroupoli.

Olympic Airways Athens tel.:
Olympic Airways Alexandroupoli tel.: 25510.26.361